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Play FireBoy & WaterGirl Game
Play FireBoy & WaterGirl Game

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FireBoy & WaterGirl Game

FireBoy & WaterGirl Game

Redboy and Bluegirl New Adventure
Fire and Water game. Adventures of characters (Fire boy and Water girl). Have fun with water girl and Fire boy game. You have to complete the chapters by collecting gold with your character. As you finish the chapters, you can continue your fun with new and more difficult chapters.

Redboy and bluegirl, overcoming different obstacles in the Fire and Water game, Fireboy is racing to save the Watergirl. If you are looking for a fun game for both boys and girls and adults, Fire Water games in 5 different themes are just for you!

You should not forget to collect gold while overcoming the obstacles that you encounter as Red Boy, namely Fire. In the next stage, gold will be very useful.

When Blue Girl, or Sudan, rescues the girl, the next stage will be unlocked. Collect gold by dodging different objects and creatures in a different environment and focus on increasing your score.

Fire and Water Game in 5 Different Locations Awaits You!
Fire and Water Game in the Forest
Fire and Water Play in the Temple
Elements Fire and Water Game
Fire and Water Play in the Cave
Fire and Water Play in the Pyramids

Play FireBoy & WaterGirl Game


How to play

Move with WASD and the arrow keys.On mobile you can change controls in the options menu.