One Jump Bomb Game


A peaceful walk turns into a jurney in the world of [b]Mr. Evilsun[/b]’s psychedelic shadows.
Mr. Evilsun, with no apparent reason, kidnaps Bella, Ball’s girlfriend.
Ball will have to go through dozens of levels to free his well-rounded girlfriend, but he needs to finish every level before the fuse on his head explodes.
Help Ball save his girlfriend from the fearsome Mr. Evilsun!
Bella’s destiny is in your hands, and if you choose not to help Ball she…well, never mind!

– 23 compelling levels, full of brain teasers (which can be easier or harder, depending on the programmers’ will to work)
– Adventure mode, with also an introdution video and a final video!
– Infinite runner mode, where you can learn how to really play this unbelievable masterpiece! (or, instead, you may just gang out with your friends)
– Steam Achievements
– 100% compatible with the controller
– Many other things that we are not going to write here

What are you waiting for ? Buy it! Play it! Save Bella and feel in peace with your sins!

Category: Action, Ball, Bomb, HTML 5, Jumping
How to play :

– Spacebar / A button to Jump
– “ESC” / Start button to Pause the game
– M / RT to mute/unmute the Music

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