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Play Slap Kings 2 Game
Play Slap Kings 2 Game

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Slap Kings 2 Game

Slap Kings 2 Game

Looking for a competitive slap kings game? Are you ready to play a reaction new slappy game? If yes, then we are offering you one of the best slap app “Slap Kings Game 2021” for free. It is easy to understand and play, but hours of fun for anyone with at least one competitive bone in their body.

We are happy to give you new online & offline 3D game that you have never played before. In this smacking challenge game, the main focus is timing and force that how you slap and knock out your opponent. This smacking game has only one rule that Slaps hard and gets Slapped.

Play Slap Kings 2 Game


How to play

– At the start, try to slap your opponent with enough speed till he crosses his pain limit in order to achieve the points.
– For powerful slap, try to tap on the phone when the needle is on a higher speed boost i.e at the center of the speed boost.
– Slap face your opponent as much as you can in this game for kings.
– The player who will defeat the opponent earlier gain the maximum points and win this happy slappy fun challenge.
– Use rewarded points to maximize your energy and slapping power.
– Each turn you and your opponent smack each other, whoever slaps harder meets the new challenger.
– Whether you want to smack, slap, or fight, this game is for you.