Slenderman History: WWII Faceless Horror Game


The Nazis have always made great villains and for good reason.
During the World War they performed a series of medical experiments on their soldiers, trying to make a super soldier. They even played with the Occult. With powerful ancient artifact they summon the devil himself. His name is Slenderman!
Infiltrate the Nazi base, find the secret bunker and recover two briefcases with documents about their experiments.

Good Luck!


* Awesome 3D Graphics
* Intuitive controls that are easy to pick up and play
* Lot of levels to play
* Good WWII Story
* Jumpscares and Scary Sounds

Category: Action, Adventure, Ghost, Horror, Shooting, Zombie
How to play :

W A S D to walk around
Mouse to Look around
Left Mouse Button to Fire
Right Mouse Button to
Aim Mouse Wheel To Change Weapons
G for Grenades
R to Reload
F to Pickup Items
Left Shift to Run
Left CTRL to Crouch
X to Prone V

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