Slenderman Must Die: Dead Space Game


Slenderman Must Die: Dead Space is another awesome title from the Slenderman Must Die series.
The legend of Slenderman continues and it seems that his terrors and evil will never end!
In this episode, you must try and hunt down or escape from Slenderman in an abandoned space station. You must collect different energy cells scattered around the station in order to survive and escape. Look out for the creep villain and use any hi-tech weapon you can find to destroy him!

Category: Action, Ghost, Shooting
How to play :

W A S D to walk around
Mouse to Look around
Left Mouse Button to Fire
Right Mouse Button to Aim
Mouse Wheel To Change Weapons
R to Reload
F to Pickup Items
Left Shift to Run
Left CTRL to Crouch
X to Prone
Space to Jump

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